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    Siffring Law provides legal counsel for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

    Siffring Law provides real estate counsel in the following areas:

    Residential Transactions

    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Listing Agent Agreements
    • Short Sale Negotiation
    • Loan Modifications
    • Mortgage Documents
    • Promissory Notes
    • Deeds of Trust
    • Title Document Review
    • Common Interest Ownership Documents
    • Residential Lease Agreements

    Commercial Transactions

    • Lease Review and Negotiation
    • Commercial Listing Agreements
    • Purchase and Sale Agreements
    • Loan and Security Agreements
    • Commercial Mortgage Documents
    • Title Document Review
    • Estoppel Agreements
    • Environmental Indemnification Documentation
    • Promissory Notes
    • Deeds of Trust
    • HOA Documentation

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